Movie The Pursuit of Happyness - What does it teach us?

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Pursuit of Happyness

It all starts with the title of the movie and explanation of the title by narrator referring to Declaration of Independence of America. He explains that happiness is something you can pursue and never keep it or receive it or give it. It really get you to think for a second and understand the depth of the meaning. I understand that it's our choice to be happy no matter whats going around and happiness is really state of mind and we must not let someone take it from us.

Happiness is a state of mind, Pursuit, Happy
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Prioritizing things is key to success -

They showed in a scene when he was intern for the firm that he had to pick his son and therefore, he had lesser time available than others. So he drinks less water and thus, stop going to washroom. He doesn't hang up by putting back the receiver instead he himself cut the call. These things show that we must understand our daily schedule and prioritize the things accordingly. Fact is that most of the people do not even think about scheduling things and love to procrastinate.

Don't put all your money in one idea

He believed that he will do wonders with this new business of selling “bone density scanner” and he quits his job and put all the money in the inventory. That's where all problems started. It shows that you must not be afraid in taking risks because he eventually came out of it because his will power is better than average individuals. His wife left him because of all these. Point is why get into such a mess, if he would be doing his earlier job, he still could have learnt about the market and in the meantime he could have lived on his savings. But only bad circumstances shows what we are capable of.

Motivation Factor

You should always have someone for whom you are ready to put yourself to extreme. First his family was his motivation and when his wife left, his son was his motivation. They showed that he didn't like his son's kindergarten classes and he wanted to get him out of it if he could. Point is make your family your motivation factor and don't be this guy who runs away from his responsibilities. Nowadays millennials have so much less respect and trust for their families and getting this swag mode due to peer pressure, partying and all. Tech will not be able to replace the family and the moments we cherish.

Don't look for multiple options instead believe in one option and give it all your focus and strength

He believed that idea of becoming investment banker or this stock market guy would help him and he can do this. He didn't search for multiple options and he learnt that one with all his strength and focus. Many people today go for many options at the same time and get frustrated in the end because they couldn't finish one thing properly.

It all comes down to Money

It's true that it all comes down to money in our life and therefore, don't become greedy or don't spend or go for all the jobs you can do. Only one thing you can do, start saving as little as you can early in your life out of your own earnings and don't spend on your luxuries. Just count it as your net worth and feel proud about it. Don't lend your money to a guy who can't pay it back atleast when you will need it. If you did lend it, try to settle it back in other form or favor, I mean barter or some service which he can do for you. Understand the value of money because even fresh water and Junk food are being sold for money across the world.

There are many more things in the movie to learn and I can't get enough every time I watch it. It is the most realistic movie I can relate myself to. Actually what we call life is actually a survival. So first we survive and then we live if we really remember what living feel like or we get a chance to live.

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