8 Items That May Become Essential Part Of Our Travel Post LOCKDOWN Period

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Lockdown has changed the life as we know it and rightfully so. However, India and other countries are looking forward to lift the lockdown, probably in a staggered manner but one thing which might change is the list of our travel items. Be it home to work travel, home to school or otherwise. We thought of some of the items which may form part of your local or national travel post lockdown. These are essentially the items which were frequently shared by people and few new items introduced in our life to maintain hygiene. It is in the best interest of the people that each one of us think and carry all the essentials travel items post lockdown.

Here are some products that will help you solve annoying travel problems.

It is one of the new items, we all are using every hour, if not the minute. Leaving our homes post lockdown period will require to carry sachet bottle of Sanitizer so that we can keep cleaning our hands time to time. It is something which we all know that we are going to do and thus, forms the first item in our travel items list.

This is very general item which we have always been carrying with us even before the lockdown. However, it has now become essential to carry one since you may wash your hands multiple times a day and you may require to dry your hands if the electronic drier is not available. Further, Handkerchief always has multiple uses like covering your mouth just before sneezing or coughing. Sometimes people use it as mask to cover their mouth including ears. So now we must not forget to always carry our Hankies and must not share it with anyone.

Use and Throw Surgical Mask, if you have one, can be used at your workplace or schools while you are working or studying. However, if you don't have or not able to stock it then you must use your hanky as your mask when you are outside the premises or traveling back and forth. If you do not want to throw your mask after using, you can always wash it, if it could be washed, and sanitize it and reuse it. All in all, mask is going to be the new normal post lockdown for some period of time.

Many people who travel on 2-wheelers were using Hand Gloves but so many people were not. Summer is coming and hand gloves may save you from sunburns but at the same time it is not advisable to go bare hands. 2-wheelers are parked in public places and exposed to pollution in our day to day lives. We must use hand gloves to protect ourselves from the potential exposure towards any kind of germs. Washable Hand Gloves can be washed on daily basis and reused.

It may sound like we are going to School again but remember it is about protecting ourselves from potential exposure. We must avoid using shared water facilities at work or schools if we can but it is doesn't mean that we should dehydrate ourselves if we forget to carry water bottle. Its all about taking precautions which we were already taking in our day to day lives.

6. Pen

This is the most shared thing in India if not the World. In schools and at work, we are always asked to share the pen or borrow one. However, this is something which we don't mind doing and it will be very hard to always carry our pen but we must. Important thing is that we must carry a pen because we really do not want to miss any opportunity coming our way and remember to not share it with anyone.

People using 2-wheelers wear windcheaters on regular uniform, however, so many of them avoid doing so. Windcheater will not only save you from hot winds of Summer but it will also save you from potential exposure on your uniform, if any. If we do not have one then raincoat can be used as windcheater. Remember to wear a raincoat which is made of thin fabric during summer. 

If not the first, it is the most shared things among office colleagues. Many times we forget to charge our phones at night because we do not want a break from our phones and as soon as we reach office, we realize that phone is running in power saving mode. To avoid going old school, we rush to our colleague and ask about Type C charger or whatever we need. Therefore, it is advisable to use our own charger to protect ourselves from potential exposure. On top of this, remember not to share your things with anyone. Time has changed, being selfish is appreciated nowadays.

Share your thoughts in the comment sections below on other items which should form part of our travel post lockdown.