Bloomberg Quint or MoneyControl Pro: A Review

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If you are one of those readers, who track Indian market news daily, then you must want to find out that which one of these 2 big news subscription services are better. So we are using both of these services for quite a time now and thought to share our experience with you guys. Remember what Dr. Rick Warren said,  
"While it is wise to learn from experience, it is wiser to learn from experience of others."

MoneyControl Pro

It is cheaper than Bloomberg Quint Subscription, actually it is 1/5th of Bloomberg Quint annual fees.
  • It is enabled within the regular MoneyControl App. If you want to access it then click on the bottom right hamburger icon and click on the green tab superscribed as Moneycontrol Pro.
  • There are multiple icons under which articles are segregated like Business in the week ahead, Opinions on Macro economy, Guru Speak (recently added), Research articles more focused on particular company stock and it's in-depth analysis, Technical analysis is more focused on the daily trading recommendations where 2 stocks pertains to cash segment, 1 from options strategy and 1 futures strategy.
  • Macro economic articles are policy centric and present a holistic picture of various scenarios on the days to come with the help of big data.
  • Apart from this you get an ad free experience of MoneyControl App.
  • You also get a dedicated tab called “My News” which gathers the news related to your portfolio of stocks added in the MoneyControl App.
  • Overall MoneyControl articles are 5–12 minutes read and analytical in nature. It is best suited to people in touch with market like investors, traders, bankers etc.
  • Apart from this you get dose of all other free MoneyControl news. They have feature for WhatsApp notifications and alerts but we have note yet used the same at present.
  • On a daily basis there are 5–7 articles for readers.
  • On notification front, they have recently started sending a bundled email of daily news with the links given to your registered email Id and you can opt out if you don't want the same.
Bloomberg Quint
  • As already discussed that it is costlier subscription than MoneyControl  Pro and it comes with quarterly, half yearly and annual subscription.
  • There is no section for premium members on BloombergQuint because there is no free content on their website.
  • Yeah you heard it right there is no app available and you must access the web version only.
  • One good thing is that their Telegram notification feature (WhatsApp not available now) let's you choose your scrip and interest and accordingly you get your articles right into your Telegram App.
  • Other than this they got email notifications in which they bundle 5 interesting articles and send it to you but these 5 interesting articles are chosen by BQ only.
  • There are 7–10 articles during the day which typically lands in your inbox. Articles are generally 10–20 Min. reads.
  • Frankly Speaking some Articles are just biased towards one school of thought which represents the ideology of their founder and these biased articles present only one picture which they think is right and it lacks an overall holistic picture.
  • Day starts with BQs morning all you need to know update and it is a full dose which an investor, trader or a finance freak would need. It is a 20 minute read and covers lot of premium news right from international markets to a stock specific coverage by rating agencies.
  • This full all you need to know article also comes with a podcast and if you are short of time then you can just listen almost everything in 7–8 mins.
  • Other articles follows during the day via notifications and some of them are truly enriched with the premium data which you don't want to miss.
  • Apart from the above, you can watch videos whom they had interviewed during the day on their online channel.
  • Many big fund managers and analyst are often interviewed and these videos along with excerpts are shared with the readers.
  • There are many events which they conduct in metro cities where they invite legends like Ramesh Damani, Vijay Kedia, Nilesh Shah etc. and subscribers are also invited to attend the same so far!
  • You get access to many articles of Bloomberg which are global oriented and covers the prime content.
  • Day ends with BQuick wrap up and all big news of the day is presented in a single article and if you want you can read more about any particular news by just clicking on it.
  • There is lot of other contents available on their website which they give as part of premium content like investor education videos and other BQ Blue exclusive articles etc. However, other than BQ portfolio their database is not often updated.
  • One thing which you would see missing here is that they don't generally give any stock specific articles for long term value investing and most of the articles revolves around the macro impact.
With this we would leave it up to you to decide which subscription is better and which one to go with. There are other news agencies which are coming up with their personalized content news subscription services like ET Prime, Business Standard etc. We would advise our readers to check them as well before finalizing any one of them. Please do share your experience in the comment section below.

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